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Title Response rate of bricklayers and supervisors on an internet or a paper-and-pencil questionnaire
Year 2012
Database ScienceDirect
Access date 16.01.2012

It is unclear whether or not internet surveys yield response rates comparable to paper-and-pencil surveys for specific occupational groups, such as construction workers. The objective of this study was to examine the differences in response rates between a paper-and-pencil questionnaire and an internet questionnaire for two construction-related occupations: bricklayers and supervisors. In total 600 participants were randomly assigned to the internet questionnaire survey or to the conventional paper-and-pencil questionnaire survey. Undeliverable postal was excluded from the response rate. A total of 237/590 subjects responded, leading to a response rate of 40% across both arms of the study. Total response rate in the paper-and-pencil questionnaire group (45%, 131/293) was significantly higher (Chi-Square = 4.99, p = 0.025) than in the internet questionnaire arm (36%, 106/297). Among bricklayers, the response rate on the paper-and-pencil questionnaire (44%, 64/147) was significantly higher (Chi-Square 7.36, p = 0.007) than on the internet questionnaire (28%, 42/148). For construction supervisors response rates were not different for both arms of the study, 46% (67/146) on the paper-and-pencil questionnaire and 43% (64/149) on the internet questionnaire. Overall, a paper-and-pencil questionnaire is more effective in terms of response rate than an internet questionnaire in a random sample of two construction professions.

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Year of publication2012
Bibliographic typeJournal article