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Title Web versus Mail Questionnaire for an Institutional Survey
Year 2001
Access date 02.06.2004
Abstract With Web surveys the probability samples of the general population (of Internet users) reach response rates of 20% at most. Such surveys can therefore not enable scientific (probability) survey data collection of the general population. However, the Web has a promising future for surveys of special populations with high Internet penetration rates. Nevertheless, even in these circumstances adequacy of response rate and sufficiency of data quality may still be in doubt. A general solution is needed for effective participation in Web surveys, similar to the Total Design Method (Dillman, 1978) for mail surveys. The Tailored Design Method (Dillman, 2000) presents an initial step in this direction. The paper contributes to the knowledge of Web survey methodology (www.websm.org) by testing different contact strategies for obtaining optimal response in an institutional Web survey.
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Year of publication2001
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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