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Title Archiving and Re-using Qualitative and Qualitative Longitudinal Data in Slovenia
Source IASSIST Quarterly, 34 (3 & 4), 35, (1 & 2), pp. 50-59
Year 2010
Access date 28.01.2012

This report starts from recognition that the archiving of qualitative raw materials that achieved a status of national cultural heritage, has been part of long established and well elaborated Slovenian national policy on preserving historical materials of national importance. A well established network of regional and national museums and archives operates a service of preservation, and of access for scientific purposes. On the other hand, despite a rich and flourishing tradition of academic (and even private) qualitative research in Slovenia, in most cases all that remains after aproject is finished is a research report. Still, besides official traditional archives and museums, there is a range of topic-specific public qualitative data resources, e.g. archives of Slovenian Radio and Television, and some emerging infrastructure for preserving the qualitative data originating from social science research projects (ETNOINFOLAB []). Qualitative longitudinal resources for re-use were identified with similar problems as are found elsewhere. In conclusion we observed that the problems of qualitative data archiving are not insurmountable, as generally there is willingness, and much valuable material identified. International and national collaboration could help in optimising resources allocation, and an explicit national policy on data archiving would be a prerequisite for future success.

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Year of publication2010
Bibliographic typeJournal article