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Title Information-Communication Technology Support for Online Surveys: A Need for Integration
Source The American Association for () 67th Annual Conference, 2012The American Association for () 67th Annual Conference, 2012The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 67th Annual Conference, 2012
Year 2012
Access date 26.06.2012

Software tools for developing and implementing online survey questionnaires are of essential importance. Based on the tool used, savings in time can be experienced and complexity and quality of collected data can be increased. However, corresponding issues have received very little attention in literature (Macer 2002, Crawford 2002, 2006, Vehovar et. al. 2005, Berzelak 2006, Kazcmirek 2006, 2008, Zuckerberg 2006). We present trends and key characteristics of software tools for online surveys by analyzing the WebSM database that includes over 400 inserts. In particular, tools are observed as regards support for various research process stages. Our analysis show that while core parts (online questionnaire implementation, distribution and data collection) can be fully realized online using most of the available tools, earlier stages and post–collection stages have not fully shifted online yet. In most software tools, the support for post-collection stages, such as data editing, weighting/imputation, advanced data management and analysis is usually weak or absent. Even less satisfactory is the support for questionnaire drafting and testing as there are usually no online collaboration features. Instead, word processors and exchanging questionnaire versions by e-mail are used. The practice of using software tools only when the questionnaire is finalized is clearly outdated as there is a significant potential for integrating all stages of the survey process. In order to elaborate performance differences between implementing the questionnaire using usual limited tools and collecting survey data in a fully integrated online tool, a pilot online survey platform has been developed. It supports online collaboration, comments management, archiving and versioning. We performed an experiment where same questionnaires were developed in both ways. Results show that even relatively primitive integrated tools provide better user experience and efficiency than the standard questionnaire development procedure.

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Year of publication2012
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