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Title Use of a 2nd Reminder Mailing, Quick Response Code and Optimized Mobile Survey to Increase Response to a Screener Questionnaire
Year 2012
Access date 30.06.2012

Arbitron currently uses a mailed screener survey sent to an Address Based sample (ABS) to recruit the non-landline portion of our sample frame. Improving the return rate for this survey is critical to improving the overall response rate of the ABS frame sample because the screener is only the first step of a multimode data collection process (mailed screener, phone diary placement and mailed diary package). This means that the overall response rate for the ABS sample can never be higher than the return rate to the initial screener survey. The current methodology for the survey is to send an initial screener questionnaire with a small cash incentive and a replacement questionnaire, for non-returners, approximately one month later. In the Summer of 2011, we conducted a split-sample test to improve the ABS screener return rates by adding an inexpensive postcard sized mailer to addresses that did not return a screener approximately three weeks after the replacement questionnaire was sent. Consistent with the replacement questionnaire, this mailer contained a reminder to either 1) return the paper survey that was previously mailed to the household, 2) go online to complete the screener survey or 3) call into a 1-800 line to complete the survey. In addition, we included a quick response (QR) code that could be scanned by smart phone users and would take them directly to an in-bound survey website which was optimized for mobile phone use. We will present the return rate results as well as the analysis of the demographics of those that returned the screener to determine who we brought in with the additional mailer. We will also present results about the QR code utilization and information about the demographic profile of users who completed the survey via a mobile phone.

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Year of publication2012
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