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Title A new era of Market Research – Real-Time Sampling™ (RTS)
Author Davis, H.
Source The ASC's 5th International Conference, 2007: The Challenges of a Changing World: Developments in the Survey Process
Year 2007
Access date 22.10.2012

In recent years, the Internet has been transformed from a Web surfer’s paradise to the world’s business district. Today, for much of the world’s working population, the Web is now associated with getting their job done. Checking e-mail has become somewhat of a chore, and due to the e-mail volume most people now receive, it has to be done daily, if not hourly, and it takes a lot of time. Rather than strolling leisurely through cyberspace, happily taking surveys to which they are invited, survey respondents have begun to be more selective and it is even more challenging to attract and retain panel respondents and keep high levels of respondent cooperation. So, as it becomes harder and harder to stand out as a compelling choice for consumers online, market researchers are scrambling to make surveys more appealing, adding one glitzy feature after another to entice consumers to devote a few minutes of their valuable and limited time to their online surveys. In fact, market researchers rely on people to volunteer their time for little to no compensation, amidst a myriad of other online digital distractions. The result? We’re entering a new era of market research. Marketing research professionals understand that they need to provide a “value proposition” beyond the traditional survey and the traditional online research panel to cut through the clutter and engage survey respondents. Moving beyond the panel, there are other types of respondents – individuals who would be willing to take an online survey, but may not be willing to join a marketing research panel. Greenfield Online is offering market researchers broader access to alternate respondent sources by tapping into a rich base of consumers willing to participate in online surveys and introduced Real-Time Sampling™. Real-Time Sampling™ (RTS) expands the respondent access capability by reaching out in real-time to potential survey takers who may not choose to join an online panel. These respondents are recruited via a Global Survey Network of pre-recruited partners and interested respondents are screened provided with a relevant survey opportunity assigned by a proprietary Survey Router. This Survey Router intelligently assigns respondents to relevant surveys based on demographic data. Further, the Survey Router synthesizes multiple sample and recruitment sources to ensure high-quality data.

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Year of publication2007
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations