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Title The Usage of a Cloud Service as an Effective Way of Sharing Cognitive and Usability Test Information
Year 2012
Access date 01.12.2012

The work of a cognitive laboratory provides vast amounts of information on the success of a response process. The testing data brings up and elaborates issues from respondent’s perspective that could remain undetected with other methods, which are also focused to improve the quality of data. With thorough and detailed analyses of the testing data, it is possible to make significant improvements to the concepts and the questionnaire forms of data collections. However, the nature of information and the abundance of it might also be problematic when reporting the results and putting them into practice. The information of the test report could be unfamiliar and hard to interpret for the subject area specialist, who ultimately is responsible that the enhancement proposals are exploited in the redesign of the data collection instrument. In a case with Statistics Finland, cognitive testing on business statistics is al-so a relatively new activity and people do not have lot experience of it. To address these difficulties, Statistics Finland has been using a cloud service that captures the audio and the on-screen activity during the testing session. Particularly, this cloud service, which is software with browser-based inter-face, also enables easy sharing of the recorded testing session with the other stakeholders. When the subject area specialists have an instant access to the recorded material of a web survey answering process, it helps them to easier understand the conclusions and solutions made by the methodologists. Yet, it also gives the subject area specialist a possibility to give a second opinion and underscore things that the methodologist have not focused and has no experience or knowledge in. The presentation will present experiences in us-ing this tool and what lessons have been learned in Statistics Finland. Some examples of recorded testing session will also be shown.

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Year of publication2012
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

Web survey bibliography - 6th Internet Survey Metodology Workshop 2012 (21)