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Title Understanding Mode Effects between Mobile Web and Mobile SMS Surveys
Year 2012
Access date 11.02.2013

With cell phone usage in the US an estimated 90-97% of adults and the increasing capabilities and availability of mobile technology, market researchers can now reach respondents almost anytime – almost anywhere. The ability to gather opinions closer to the “moment of truth” is an important benefit offered by mobile research. Understanding potential effects on responses and the nuance of mobile research is vital before we begin to benefit. To test possible mode effects between standard web survey formats, simplified mobile web formats, and standard text messaging (SMS) formats, SSI panelists were asked if they would be willing to participate in a research effort using their mobile device using SMS text message or mobile web browser to respond. The results were encouraging: 62% of panelists with a mobile device and 80% of panelists with smart phones were willing to engage using mobile survey technology.

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Year of publication2012
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars