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Title Building Your Own Online Panel Via E-Mail and Other Digital Media
Year 2012
Database SpringerLink
Access date 20.02.2013

An important development in the social sciences over the past decades has been the increased use of Web surveys and Web panel surveys in particular. A panel survey is a survey in which similar measurements are made on the same individuals at different points in time. While survey collection was left to professionals only a couple of years ago, with the rise of Internet, Web surveys have become available to the masses. Online surveying is cheap, little effort is needed, multimedia can be easily added, and the potential range of respondents is enormous. Many people in education, business, and government see the opportunities of doing Internet surveys on their own. This chapter will focus on server-side surveys and discusses new innovative ways for recruiting online panel members. The emphasis lies on the recruitment of panel members.

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Year of publication2012
Bibliographic typeBook section