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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Large-Scale Analysis and Testing
Year 2013
Database SpringerLink
Access date 20.02.2013

Collecting large-scale data and testing the hypotheses in the framework are challenging. In this chapter, we describe the large-scale web survey method and present the analysis procedure and results. Data collection process includes sampling design, purchasing executive email list, web survey design, and managing waves of survey. Confirmatory factor analysis is used to assess unidimensionality, reliability, convergent validity, discriminant validity, and second-order construct validity. A LISREL structural model is used to test the hypotheses. The results are reported and discussed. To further purify the items and assess unidimensionality, reliability, convergent, and discriminant validity, a large-scale Web survey was conducted. The main analysis tool used is the confirmatory factor analysis with structural equation modeling (SEM).

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeBook section

Web survey bibliography - In Cao, M. and Zhang, Q. (eds.): Supply Chain Collaboration. Springer: London. (1)