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Title Combining Mail and E-Mail Contacts to Facilitate Participation in Mixed-Mode Surveys
Source Social Science Computer Review, 31, 3, p. 346-358
Year 2013
Access date 22.02.2013

This study examines how available e-mail addresses can be incorporated into mixed-mode procedures for surveys of the public, especially client groups. Cooperative Extension Service clients provide the basis for analyzing how implementation procedures affect response rates and substantive findings. These clients form three strata based on contact information provided: postal address only, e-mail only, and both. From clients who provided mail and e-mail addresses, four experimental groups were created, including two mixed-mode groups, a mail-only group and an e-mail-only group. Using mail and e-mail addresses to implement a sequence of e-mail and postal invitations in a mixed-mode design resulted in response rates that are equivalent to those for mail-only surveys. Also, clients who provided a postal address only differed on some attributes from those in the other strata. This study demonstrates the benefit of obtaining e-mail addresses and using them in mixed-mode surveys.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeJournal article
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