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Title Attrition in Consumer Panels
Year 2009
Access date 08.03.2013
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The Gallup Poll Panel is a relatively new discontinuous panel (Sudman and Wansink, 2002) that surveys panel members on a wide variety of topics, including Gallup Polls, market research topics, social research and is also a useful tool for research testing and evaluation. The interviews are conducted by telephone or are self-administered, mail or web. After a description of the Gallup Poll Panel this paper analyzes the effect of three experiments on panel attrition. Briefly the experiments are a long recruit survey introduction versus a shorter introduction, a signature on the part of the recruited member when they return the initial intake questionnaire versus no signature and a comparison of attrition for those members assigned to a totally self-administered survey process versus those members that are interviewed by telephone on every other survey contact.

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Year of publication2009
Bibliographic typeBook section
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Web survey bibliography - In: Lynn, P. (ed.), Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys. (1)