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Title Design your questions right: How to develop, test, evaluate and improve questionnaires
Year 2004
Access date 25.03.2013
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Primary objectives: Measurement development work aims to improve a survey's content, collection methods and questionnaire so that the respondent, with a minimum of effort and with sufficient accuracy, can provide the information that is required for the statistics. The work can also help to formulate the quality declaration of the survey results.
The measurement expert needs to:

  • have comprehensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge regarding the identification and definition of survey variables
  • be able to choose collection methods adapted to the survey situation
  • be able to develop questions, response alternatives and instructions by selecting relevant qualitative and quantitative test methods
  • be able to measure and judge the accuracy and relevance of the information that is later collected, i.e. to judge whether the questionnaire has worked in practice. 

The immediate objectives for measurement work are to:

  • give the survey a well-defined and measurable content by becoming familiar with the respondent's circumstances and capacity to answer
  • through expert knowledge of the subject-matter area and cognitive and qualitative methods, develop questions, response alternatives and questionnaires adapted to the data collection methods and respondents so that there is the least possible response bias and response variation
  • through observations, qualitative studies, experiments and evaluations, produce a standard or at least an indication of the measurement uncertainty of the results.
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Year of publication2004
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