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Title Best pracices in disk-by-mail surveys
Year 1992
Access date 15.04.2013
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The proliferation of personal computers and the development of personal computer-based survey software in the 1980's have created the opportunity to conduct disk-by-mail surveys (henceforth referred to as DBM). This paper is organized into ten sections, beginning with a brief review of the history and background of DBM surveying. It then discusses when it is appropriate to use DBM, and describes factors that affect response rate. The next few sections provide respondents' evaluations of the disk-based survey task, outline its limitations, provide a brief examination of non-response, and conclude with cost and timing comparisons for DBM surveys and other data collection methodologies. The document then describes a case example from Apple Computer, including a discussion regarding the uses of the information. The paper then summarizes the best practices for DBM surveys, and ends with a look at the future of DBM surveying. This paper focuses primarily on conducting DBM studies in a business-to-business environment. In specific cases, such as a customer satisfaction or new product follow-up for personal computer products, DBM can also be used successfully in the home market. However, because the penetration of personal computers in the home market is estimated to be only 32% (Source: Electronic Industries Association, 1992) and many of the home computer systems are not IBM-compatible, IntelliQuest does not suggest using DBM for the general home market at this time.

Year of publication1992
Bibliographic typeConference proceedings