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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Can we make official statistics with self-selection web surveys?
Year 2009
Access date 17.04.2013

At first sight, web surveys seem to be an interesting and attractive means of data collection. They provide simple, cheap and fast access to a large group of people. However, web surveys also suffer from methodological problems. Outcomes of web surveys may be severally biased, particularly if self-selection of respondents is applied instead of proper probability sampling. Under-coverage is also a serious problem. This raises the question whether web surveys can be used for data collection in official statistics. This paper addresses the problems under-coverage and self-selection in web surveys, and attempts to describe how Internet data collection can be incorporated in normal data collection practices of official statistics

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Year of publication2009
Bibliographic typeBook section

Web survey bibliography - Proceedings of Statistics Canada Symposium 2008 (1)