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Title Between demand and reality: Ensuring efficiency and quality in pretesting questionnaires
Year 2012
Access date 20.04.2013

After establishing a pretest laboratory in 2007, the FSO has embarked on a promising way in evaluating and improving self-administered paper-and-pencil questionnaires as well as online questionnaires. We are now increasingly faced with constraints in time, budget and staff, similar to most of our international colleagues. The main challenge is to be as cost-efficient as possible while meeting demands for better data quality by conducting pretests. Therefore, it has become essential to create new strategies to solve this dilemma by restructuring working procedures, improving the dissemination of knowledge, and introducing a modular system of pretesting methods. The basic suggestion of this last aspect is to take the full range of the pretesting methodology into consideration and use different levels of questionnaire evaluation (from case to case). It may be important to prioritize which questionnaires need to go through an extensive review by test persons during cognitive interviewing. In other cases, it may be more suitable to choose a different method of our portfolio (e. g. questionnaire consulting or focus groups). This presentation focuses on how we can achieve a balance between cost-efficiency and process quality in pretesting questionnaires. Moreover, we encourage international colleagues to share their experience in meeting the ongoing challenges during the discussion. 

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Year of publication2012
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations