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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Electronic data collection methods
Source Handbook of research on electronic surveys and measurements, pp. 28-43
Year 2007
Access date 26.04.2013
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This chapter discusses the application of new technologies to scholarly research. It highlights the process, benefits, and challenges of online data collection and analysis with three case studies: the online survey method, online focus groups, and e-mail interviews. The online survey method is described as it was undertaken to collect and collate data for the evaluation of e-business in Australia. The online focus group research is described as it was applied to complete research on e-commerce with small business. The e-mail interviews applied to collect information from a virtual community of global respondents to assess the impact of interaction between members on B2C e-commerce. The research process, its advantages and disadvantages, are elaborated for all three e-research methods.

Year of publication2007
Bibliographic typeBook section
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