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Title A Generalized System for Aided Development and Monitoring of Web Surveys
Year 2011
Access date 29.04.2013

The Generalized System, called GINO++, allows the researcher himself to:

  • design and implement web questionnaires independently and quickly through graphical interface;
  • accompany the questions by hints and tool tip;
  • include checks on the data entered;
  • monitor the progress of the survey in real-time.

The final user (survey respondent) is able to:

  • complete the questionnaire in multiple s by saving each time and by sending only at the end of compiling;
  • make local prints (html or excel) of the questionnaire;
  • insert notes for each individual variable (if provided by the researcher during design);
  • include the sources of each question (if provided by the researcher during design).

Whenever the respondent saves the entered data, they are directly inserted on tables of a DB Oracle generated by the application with a user-defined name.

GINO++ features two main areas:

1. Management and design of questionnaires and metadata
In this area it is possible to:

  • Create surveys;
  • Define survey respondents;
  • Design the final layout of the questionnaire (one/multiple web pages, numbering, …);
  • Define each variable (data type, y/n time series with charts, …);
  • Insert some types of hard or soft rules;
  • Enable controlled upload/download from/to file of a part or all questionnaire;
  • Handle of dynamic “modules” (repeating sections).

2. Monitoring the survey
In this area you can:

  • Check the registration status of internal users (owners of survey) and final users (survey respondent);
  • Monitor the status of each questionnaire;
  • Analyze some reports of the summary;
  • Send emails.
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Year of publication2011
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