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Title Triton: a general tool for data collection and micro editing
Year 2011
Access date 29.04.2013

The Triton project is an ongoing project with the goal of building a general but flexible production environment for data collection and micro editing. The aim is to cover most kinds of surveys, but in a first stage it is directed at surveys with direct data collection through questionnaires (web and paper). Even though a version of the platform is already in use, a new and significantly improved version is under development. The new version will be released at the end of June 2011. The aim is that the new platform will replace many of the old survey specific IT systems, be usable for a majority of the surveys at Statistics Sweden, integrate the common tools already in place and eliminate as much manual work as possible. Some of the most important expected gains of the platform will be that metadata will have an actual effect on the production process, that quality assurance will be a built-in part of the production process and that there will be a standardised and common look and feel to the production of many surveys, facilitating resource pooling. Besides integrating existing common tools such as the web collection tool and the scanning system, the platform will have three main new parts: an administration/design tool for setting parameters for a specific survey and monitoring the survey progress, a tool for working with individual objects and a communication platform that connects all the parts of the platform. The presentation will present the different parts of the platform and how they are used in daily work, using an example survey.

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Year of publication2011
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations