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Title Survey Data Quality Provisions in Statistics Canada E-Questionnaire Solution: Retrospective and Perspectives
Author Abiza, Y.
Year 2011
Access date 29.04.2013

The online data collection mode is relatively new and the full potential, benefits and methodological issues of using it, alone or in multi-mode (i.e. different modes for different respondents), are still being explored. Nevertheless, with regards to survey data quality this collection mode presents a strong potential to effectively efficiently exceed or at least match what is achieved in the other well established modes. This potential is only going to increase in the future with the advances in technology and survey’s methods research.
During the last three or four years, Statistics Canada Collection has developed and operated a fully functional online data collection solution that was used in collecting respondent data for Statistics Canada surveys, where the online collection mode was used as the main data collection channel, in combination with other modes (e.g. paper and computer-assisted telephone surveys).
In this presentation, we describe the Statistics Canada e-Questionnaire Solution architecture and its features that contribute to different dimensions of survey’s data quality. We also describe how we could further enhance our solution by integrating new survey’s methods research findings on the best practices about the use of online surveys in multi-mode data collection.

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Year of publication2011
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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