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Title Sampling, Channels, and Contact Strategies in Internet Survey
Author Macrì, E., Tessitore, C.
Year 2013
Access date 29.04.2013

The global diffusion of the Internet involves economic, political, cultural, and geographical factors, making it a very interesting subject for sociologists and policy makers. In the last few years, big changes in Internet usage have occurred. In particular, during the last decade, new Social Networks have social scientists reconsidering their research methodology and developing new survey techniques (Internet Survey Techniques). One of the main challenges presented by Internet Surveys is the sampling procedure, as it must be reconsidered in order to avoid the risk of bias and a lack of scientific accountability. The main questions are: (1) Are classic sampling methods an effective way to investigate new Web reality? (2) How can we conduct a valid survey using the Internet? In this chapter these questions are addressed with methodological attention, starting with the problem of defining population in Internet Surveys. The authors also illustrate the main channels for the conduct of Internet Surveys and their specific characteristics. Finally, they discuss some sampling procedures and contact strategies used in Internet Surveys, with a particular attention to a new and important channel: Social Networks (especially Facebook and Twitter).

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Year of publication2013
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