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Title Research Intentions are Nothing without Technology: Mixed-Method Web Surveys and the Coberen Wall of Pictures Protocol
Year 2013
Access date 29.04.2013

The chapter is aimed at showing the Wall of Pictures Web protocol for conducting mixed research in social sciences. There is a rising interest in some alternative research protocols integrating qualitative and quantitative approaches. However, what is missing are concrete illustrations and some methodological guidelines. Thanks to recent Internet survey technologies, we are able to “bridge the quantitative-qualitative divide” and benefit from the blending combination of spontaneous unstructured data, which is later recoded and processed on a large number of cases. Implemented within the Coberen European consumers’ survey, and utilising a combination of multimedia and interactive technological devices, the wall of pictures outcomes has shown some promising perspectives, which are presented and discussed in the chapter.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeBook section
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