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Title On the primacy of affect in attitude-behavior research
Year 2004
Access date 06.05.2013

Many researchers have often used ratings of quality and ratings of liking as proxies for each other and have failed to make a distinction between the cognitive and affective components of attitude. However, judgments about liking or enjoyment are believed to have concomitant motivational properties having both arousing and directional properties (e.g. approach-avoidance) - while judgments about quality are seen as being more cognitive and reflective. In a series of four studies, we found that liking judgments better predicted key criteria than did quality judgments. In addition, we found that the addition of comparative liking (like more-like less) added to our predictive capability, while quality judgments did not appear to be proximal predictors of our criteria. Although quality judgments didn't appear to be directly related to key criteria, they did appear to be important determinants of liking.

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Year of publication2004
Bibliographic typeJournal article
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