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Title Rating versus comparative trade-off measures. Trending changes in political issues across time and predictive validity
Year 2005
Access date 08.05.2013

We investigated the use of rating, ranking, constant sum, and paired comparison tasks for evaluating both the importance and support for a wide range of political issues. In 8 waves of fielding (running from October, 2003 to November, 2004), we had U.S. respondents participate in a web-based survey. For respondents of the 7 pre-election waves, we recontacted them following the November elections to complete another evaluative task. This allowed us to determine both the test-retest reliability and predictive validity of the initial evaluations. We replicated many of our earlier findings concerning the differences between rating and comparative trade-off tasks and further extended our understanding of the relative comparability and utility of the different measures across time.

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Year of publication2005
Bibliographic typeJournal article
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