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Title Case Study: Evolution of Web Interview Capabilities in a Large Commercial Setting
Author Cohen, A.
Year 2007
Access date 09.05.2013

In 2005 Yahoo! embarked on a new research initiative by creating a full-time team of research professionals to focus on a web interviewing infrastructure. While still in its formative stage, the team has so far accomplished the installation of a state-of-the-art web interview application, built an internal programming service bureau and launched an in-house research panel. Yahoo! is a data-driven organization that is also quite cost conscious. Creating efficiencies in its research operations is highly valued for generating the maximum number of usable insights from a limited research budget. Raising organizational competency for running in-house (“on the network”) surveys means use of costly full service vendors can be reserved for instances where they add the most value (conducting research “off network” or taking advantage of their unique competencies). This case study will give insight on the end-client view of the changing MR technology industry and will illuminate the choices that commercial end-clients make when working directly with the MR suppliers.

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Year of publication2007
Bibliographic typeBook section
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