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Title Serial context effects in survey interviews
Source Context Effects in Social and Psychological Research, Schwarz, N., and Sudman, S. (eds.). Verlag: New York; pp. 97-113
Year 1992
Database SpringerLink
Access date 11.05.2013

In survey methods research, the context effects of preceding questions on responses to survey items have been the subject of many interesting studies (see, for instance, Abelson, 1984; Bishop, Oldendick, & Tuchfarber, 1985; Bradburn, 1983; Carpenter & Blackwood, 1979; McClendon & O’Brien, 1988; McFarland, 1981; Perreault, 1975; Schuman, Presser, & Ludwig, 1981; Schuman & Presser, 1981; Sigelman, 1981; T. W. Smith, 1981c; and the chapters in this volume). In particular, effects of question order have been investigated. In most of these studies, the effects of only one or two preceding questions were considered, or the focus was on part-whole combinations of questions. Schwarz and his associates also studied the effects on responses when different ranges of response categories are offered (e.g., Schwarz & Hippler, 1987).

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Year of publication1992
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