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Title Software design tips for online surveys
Source Handbook of research on electronic surveys and measurements, pp. 76-82
Year 2007
Access date 11.05.2013
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An online survey uses World Wide Web technology to deliver a survey instrument to a geographically dispersed audience, thus providing the benefits in elimination of mailing costs and an elimination of data entry costs. Both of these provide further secondary benefits such as elimination of follow up mailing costs and fewer errors in data collection. This article explains the basics of constructing an online survey using World Wide Web technology and provides some design tips for someone planning to construct such a survey. A simple online survey consists of three basic components. First, the survey is presented to the subject through a web page which allows them to enter information or select options in response to questions. A simple HTML Form will be used for this purpose. Second, a program is needed on the web server where the data will be stored to take the values from the form and store them in a database. An Active Server Page program will be used in this article for this purpose. This is, essentially, a program written in visual basic that takes values from the form and inserts them into a Relational Database. After a very simple example of each of these components is explained, some design tips will be provided that will make constructing and exploiting an online survey much easier.

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