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Title Mobile Phones As a Threat to The Survey Industry: An Example from Europe – The Case of Slovenia
Author Vehovar, V., Lozar Manfreda, K., Dolničar, V.
Year 2004
Access date 11.06.2004
Abstract The mobile phone penetration in EU countries has basically approached or surpassed 80% in the population (10+). At the same time the share of mobile only households typically increased to around 10%, with some Scandinavian countries surpassing 35%. The fixed telephone surveys - which currently dominate in the majority of developed countries – thus face an increasing non-coverage problem, at least when targeting the general population. With this respect, Slovenia is a typical EU country, being slightly above the EU average in mobile phone penetration. Its position particularly characterizes the EU situation, as no quality mobile phone sampling frames exist. Due to the rich source of data the Slovenian situation could be a case study for methodological problems related to mobile phone surveys. The paper analyzes the mobile phone related questions in Labor Force Survey and in General Social Survey, both face-to-face surveys. It then compares these results with fixed telephone surveys and also with a special interviewer mobile phone survey. The combination of these sources enables to empirically evaluate the key methodological problems: bias, sampling frames, costs, nonresponse and mode effect. The main conclusion is that mobile phones surveys bring sever problems. Opposite to some Scandinavian countries with excellent public directories of fixed and mobile phone users - where the only change introduced with mobile phone surveys is the increase of costs – in Slovenia the survey errors also increase with mobile phone surveys.
Year of publication2004
Bibliographic typeConferences, workshops, tutorials, presentations

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