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Title The psychology or survey response. An ASA webinar
Year 2010
Access date 13.05.2013

This two-hour course examines survey questions from a psychological perspective.  It covers the basics on how respondents answer survey questions and how problems in this response process can produce reporting errors.  The class will focus on behavioral questions. The course is intended as on introduction for researchers who develop survey questionnaires or who use the data from surveys and want to understand some of the potential problems with survey data.  It describes the major psychological components of the response process, including comprehension of the questions, retrieval of information from memory, combining and supplementing information from memory through judgment and inference, and the reporting of an answer.   The course has no specific perquisites, though familiarity with survey methodology or questionnaire design would be helpful.

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Year of publication2010
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars
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