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Title Usability testing
Author Roe, D. J.
Source Encyclopedia of survey research methods, 2, 2, pp. 933-934
Year 2008
Access date 18.05.2013

Although usability testing can apply to all types of products, for survey research, it can best be described as a method for measuring how well interviewers and respondents can use a computer-assisted interview such as a CAPI, CATI, CASI, or Web-based survey, for its intended purpose. It is important to separate usability testing from testing functionality, which focuses only on the proper operation of a computerized instrument (software and hardware), not the individual using the system. The purpose of usability testing is to determine whether or not the form being used to collect data helps or hinders a user's ability to deploy it. In developing and designing survey instruments, researchers have always strived to ensure that data collection instruments are the best they can be through a variety of testing and evaluation methods put into place prior to data collection. Traditionally, cognitive interviewing and other cognitive methods have provided important ...

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Year of publication2008
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