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Title Web survey design
Source Handbook of research on electronic surveys and measurements, pp. 9-18
Year 2007
Access date 18.05.2013

The Web survey design chapter covers the process of creating a Web (online) survey system. Along with technical requirements, the chapter gives instruction and examples for four stages of Web survey design: determine survey requirements, design initial survey system, pilot test, and system modification. In the determine survey requirements section, the authors direct the reader through steps that design a ques-tionnaire form with data types that will meet the survey requirements. The chapter includes examples of design and coding procedures to be used for Web surveys. In the design initial survey system stage, issues such as user interface design, database design, and application interface design are covered, and recommendations are given. After the survey system is built, the chapter outlines procedures for a pilot test, giving solutions for debugging the system, and how to increase response rate. The chapter ends with methods to revise the system before its final use.

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Year of publication2007
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