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Web Survey Bibliography

Title Web-based data collection
Year 2003
Access date 20.05.2013

... In this first block of talks, we look at some other emerging technologies coming around the corner, areas in this nexus between survey research and computer science where further interaction could be useful.


Tourangeau: … The Web has really caught on, and it looks like an incredibly low cost means of survey data collection. So, the average face-to-face interview now costs, what, maybe $750 or $1,000, on average, to do a face-to-face interview in an area probability sample. It’s literally true—you can get, for $2 or $3 dollars a case, an interview on the Web. So lots of firms, particularly in the market research community, have rushed to adopt this new technology. Yet, I think we all think—those of us who have looked at it carefully— for government applications and high-end academic applications there’s a lot of research that’s going to be needed before federal agencies accept the Web. ...

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Year of publication2003
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Web survey bibliography - Tourangeau, R. (45)