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Title The Effects of Pushing Web in a Mixed-Mode Establishment Data Collection
Author Ellis, C.
Year 2013
Access date 23.05.2013

Mixed-mode data collection is increasingly becoming a standard in survey research methods, especially when inclusion of Web-based data collection is anticipated to increase data quality (de Leeuw 2005; Dillman 2000; Schaefer and Dillman 1998). However, offering the respondent the choice of mode can lead to unintended results, such as increased complexity or lower response rates (Medway and Fulton 2012). While “pushing” a particular mode (e.g. Web) may increase use, it risks lowering overall response rates (Mooney et al. 2012). Thus, there often exists a tension concerning if, when, and how to transition ongoing collections to a mixed-mode methodology when its origins are single-mode, such as paper form or questionnaire. The Deaths in Custody Reporting Program (DCRP), a data collection measuring inmate mortality began in 2000. Authorized by Congress and funded by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), the DCRP collects data on the circumstances surrounding deaths occurring in state prisons and local jails. It is the only national statistical collection that obtains comprehensive information about deaths in adult correctional facilities. RTI and BJS embedded a methodological experiment within the 2012 mailing to test the effects of concurrently offering multiple modes, but with a “push” of the Web option for some respondents. All agencies in the data collection were offered login credentials and information to utilize the Web option. A treatment of withholding paper forms provided in prior years was introduced, with a control group receiving paper forms. Assignment to treatment and control groups considered prior years’ mode selection. We will examine the results of the experiment – including timing, response rates, data quality measures, and variable costs – associated with the subgroups in the context of a longitudinal establishment study.

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Web survey bibliography - The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 68th Annual Conference, 2013 (88)

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