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Title Effects of Response Format on Measurement of Readership
Year 2013
Access date 28.05.2013

Estimating exposure to media sources, such as magazine readership, is a critical function that determines advertising prices. One method to determine the extent of magazine readership is through self-report, and can be done in a variety of ways, employing paperpencil self-administered instruments, human interviewers using show cards, and Web-based surveys. When presenting a series of targets like magazines that serve as a filter for subsequent follow-up questions, there are a number of techniques that have been used, including a multiple response format (‘Select all’), a yes-no grid (requiring a yes or no to each element), or a card sort task that separates the magazines into piles of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. As part of an investigation to transition a magazine readership survey to a Web-based mode, we experimentally investigated alternative response formats to determine readership in the past 6 months. We converted the traditional human interviewer card sort task into a drag and drop task whereby magazine titles would be displayed in a single pile and respondents would drag and drop the magazines into 3 piles – Yes, read; Not sure; No, did not read. The Yes-No grid also included a middle category ‘Not sure’. The multiple response format presented magazines with 4 in a row with 4 columns, and a response at the bottom ‘I did not read any’. Each format had multiple screens to accommodate over 250 magazine titles. We found that the drop-and-drag format took the longest to complete, while the multiple response format took the least amount of time. In addition, the drop-and drag format show a 50% higher readership rate over the yes-no grid, and the yes-no grid showed a higher readership than the multiple response format. We compare our results to those found with high quality in-person interviews on readership.

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Year of publication2013
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Web survey bibliography - The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 68th Annual Conference, 2013 (88)

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