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Title Using Qualitative and Quantitative Testing to Improve Hispanic Response Rates for Online Surveys
Year 2013
Access date 28.05.2013

Arbitron Inc., a provider of radio ratings data, conducted a test using a probability based address sample to recruit the Hispanic population, aged 13 and older, to complete a one week Web-based diary of their radio listening. Since hard-to-reach demos such as the Hispanic population historically have had lower participation, a qualitative study was conducted to provide insights into the Hispanic population and used to design materials used in a large quantitative study of recruitment into an online survey. In January 2012, Arbitron conducted a series of focus groups as well as face-to-face interviews with the Hispanic population in three markets. The purpose of the focus groups was to determine concerns related to the mailing materials. In particular, materials presented included mailed invitations for the Web-based diary. The face-toface interviews were conducted in the form of a usability study in order to provide insight into the user experience of the Web-based diary. The mailing materials as well as the Web-based diary were translated in Spanish, thus the participants were able to select an English or Spanish version of the online diary. In October 2012, Arbitron conducted a pilot study of the online diary for the Hispanic population. The feedback from the qualitative study helped to design advanced notices, mailing invitations, and pre-recorded blast messages for the Web-based diary. The usability study helped to re-design the Web-based diary that was previously used for a pilot study of the general population. In this presentation, we will present the results from the qualitative and quantitative studies. In addition, we will present the optimal strategy for mailbased recruitment for an online survey of the Hispanic population.

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Year of publication2013
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