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Title European Values Study - methodological and substantive applications
Year 2013
Access date 27.06.2013

Programme overview


The European Values Study (EVS) is a unique research project into Europe's basic values. First, it spans a period of almost 30 years with surveys in 1981, 1990, 1999, and 2008. Second, EVS has an extensive geographical coverage. In Europe, the survey has gradually been expanded from mostly Western European countries in 1981 to the whole of Europe in 2008. Third, even though several items have been changed in the consecutive waves, EVS still includes an impressive number of unchanged questions. Fourth, researchers have combined survey data with macro-level data so that multi-level models can be estimated. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the questionnaires pertain to a very broad spectrum of life domains: family and marriage, economics, work, leisure, politics, religion, morality. This allows to introduce overarching concepts and to examine their effects on attitude and reported behavior in different domains. Such a rich data source also offers a unique chance for substantive and methodological investigations. We are particularly interested in papers which make use of the comparative potential of EVS from a methodological and a substantive perspective. To give a few examples: Do the measurement instruments that have been used in EVS guarantee comparability across time and space? In which domains do we observe a generational change during the last decades and in which domains are life-cycle effects more plausible. Can we reliably estimate the long-term change? Which models are suited best for that purpose? To what extent can differences between countries traced back to cultural influences? How can the latter be measured? What are the main problems of these multi-level models? However, other empirical and methodological topics are possible too.

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