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Title Can creative web survey questionnaire design improve the response quality?
Year 2013
Access date 28.10.2013
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The main goal of this experimental research is to explore the opportunities and challenges when taking a creative approach to web survey questionnaire design in order to improve the response rate and quality of responses. Two versions of a questionnaire related to attitudes toward academic procrastination are created; a conventional one and a questionnaire with a popup text message at the end describing the levels of procrastination of each student depending on the scores of the answers and grades of each student. Each student of a total population of 3030 receives randomly an e-mail invitation with a link to one of the two web survey questionnaires. A comparison on response rate and quality of responses between these two questionnaires is conducted. Even though no significant statistical increase of response rate appears to be in the second questionnaire, quality of responses in terms of dropouts is significant lower.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars