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Title Economic valuation in Web surveys; A review of the state of the art and best practices
Year 2013
Access date 28.10.2013
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This paper is a review of the currently existent economic valuation surveys (with stated preference methods) developed for and administered through the web. Valuation surveys that employ stated preference techniques are not particularly verbose about the details of their web development or administration. Web surveys for economic valuation are a new, interest raising field, given the worldwide continually increasing computer literacy and internet access. Currently most web valuation studies are concerned with the valuation of a topic of interest (mostly from environmental and energy economics) and hardly few, if any at all, are concerned with the experimentation on the web opportunities themselves and the effect they have on the results of the studies. The paper also presents the advantages of web survey and contributes to consolidating an informed state of the art for field practitioners, developers and reviewers of relevant papers.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars