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Title Foreign workers in Saudi Arabia: a field study of role ambiguity, identification, information-seeking, organizational support and performance
Source International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24, 21, pp. 3957-3979(23)
Year 2013
Access date 12.11.2013

A total of 154 foreign workers in Saudi Arabia responded to a web survey that inquired about role characteristics, work attitudes and behaviors. Surveys were matched with 138 supervisor surveys asking about the focal worker's job performance. Results indicated a significant relationship between role ambiguity and job performance, a relationship mediated by organizational identification, which was moderated by both information-seeking and perceived organizational support. This research is one of only a few studies of professional workers in Saudi Arabia (both male and female). Furthermore, this study is one of a handful of studies to explore the attitudes and performance of foreign workers, a worker population often confounded in studies that focus on domestic, expatriate or inpatriate workers.

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Year of publication2013
Bibliographic typeJournal article
Full text availabilityAvailable on request