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Title The Design of an International Real Time Data Collection System: SADC-HYCOS
Source Water Resources Management, 13, 4, pp. 253-268(16)
Year 1999
Access date 18.11.2013

It is increasingly clear that there is a need to assist National Hydrological Agencies in Africa to improve their hydrometric data collection capabilities and at the same time to halt the decline in hydrometric standards. This has to be achieved in a cost-effective and sustainable way and, at the same time reinforce existing systems with new technology and equipment and strengthen the institution capacity of these agencies. The Southern African Development Community-Hydrological Cycle Observation System (SADC-HYCOS) will provide the framework, methodologies and tools to achieve this goal. This paper provides the first opportunity to inform the global hydrological community of the aims and activities of the SADC-HYCOS project. Significant advances will be made in the installation of real time data collection platforms and transmission system, the development and implementation of a regional database, the improvement and/or development of data exchange and dissemination systems using a regional electronic network and Internet links, the development of hydrometeorological products from the database and establishing a large scale training programme relating to activities during the life-time of the project. SADC-HYCOS will promote the collection, processing and exchange of hydrological data and information within the region and raise the profile of the regional hydrological issues, hydrological research, operational hydrology, availability of data and information to a global audience.

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Year of publication1999
Bibliographic typeJournal article
Full text availabilityAvailable on request