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Title Web survey software and mobile device support
Year 2013
Access date 17.12.2013
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In this report we look at 13 leading web survey software tools in 2013 and analyze how their interface for respondents is adapted to mobile devices. We evaluate the respondent interface in an Android 4.2.2 mobile browser. We provide an exact overview of how the software tools approach the mobile device screen format. To summarize, only three tools fully support the automatic adaption of the web questionnaire to mobile device browser. This is of course a very limited study (i.e. only one type of mobile browser, only 13 tools, and only few questionnaire features), however, this still well illustrates the weak status of mobile device integration in mid-2013, because we included a) the leading mobile browser, b) leading survey software tools and c) two essential question types. In addition, we test certain survey software tools that primarily focus on the mobile web. Although these in most cases do not offer a free trial, an analysis of the available demos and technical documentation provides a general idea of how these tools function compared to the (general) leading web survey software tools that are the main focus of this study. We also review mobile apps of survey software tools that offer them with a free trial.

Key words: Web survey software, mobile phone, app, mobile browser, Android

Year of publication2013

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