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Web Survey Bibliography

Title e-Social Science Perspective on Survey Process: Towards an Integrated Web Questionnaire Development Platform
Year 2015
Access date 02.02.2014

Survey research literature predominantly focuses on methodological issues (such as survey errors and survey modes) which are related to the fielding activities of the survey data collection process. Much less attention is given to the broader administrative, managerial, infrastructural and process-integration aspects of pre-fielding (i.e., planning, conceptualization, questionnaire development, testing) and post-fielding (i.e., data preparation, automated analysis, archiving, dissemination, publication). There is also a serious lack of attention to the integrative potential of information-communication technology (ICT) for the survey process, at least in the mainstream (or in vast majority) of ICT tools that support the survey data collection process. This issue is only dealt within some large survey data collection organisations (see for example special issue of Journal of Official Statistics (e.g. Biemer et al. 2013)), which however are not the focus of this chapter.

Year of publication2015
Bibliographic typeBook section

Web survey bibliography - Slavec, A. (19)