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Title Australia: building a 21st century readership survey
Year 2013
Access date 08.03.2014
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In the spring of 2010, TheReadershipWorks in Australia issued an RFP seeking a proposal to re-think readership
measurement from root to branch and to outline a method that would meet the demands of publishers, agencies and advertisers in the digital age. Ipsos was awarded the contract in September of that year. Major changes were being faced by publishers as reading rapidly migrated to digital platforms. Smaller regional titles had challenges being measured on a national survey and a new toolkit was needed for helping agencies to better understand
and recommend the medium to their clients.Surveyresearch faces its own challenges, in Australia as elsewhere, including falling response rates and rising costs. These also had to be addressed. The market had been accustomed to working with the same supplier for more than forty years, with the fundamental approach unchanged during this time and considerable resistance to change from the supplier. That supplier – Roy Morgan Research – had no plans to discontinue its service. This meant that the new readers hip survey – dubbed ‘emma™’ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) would be launched into a fiercely competitive market. This is rare in
the world of audience measurement. Normally, either a research company launches a survey at its own commercial risk or there is a tender controlled by all or part of the industry. Either way, an effective monopoly is created, with a single, pre-agreed ‘currency’ for planning and trading in the marketplace.

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Year of publication2013
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