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Title 3xnew –A new era for magazine research in Norway
Year 2013
Access date 08.03.2014
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In an era where print is facing huge challenges, the main publishers made some brave moves for the new Magazine NRS. In chapter two we will present the new concept and the three most significant changes:
1. In 2012, the NRS for magazines changed from 6 000 F2F-interviews to 12 000 interviews; 9 600 by CAWI and 1 400 pen and paper.
2. Introduction of the new currency – Gross Exposure Points (GEP) that can move advertising sales from “price per ad” to “price per exposure”.
3. The readership figures from the print measurement and the web titles from the official Internet survey NIP are both calibrated onto the planning database. Hence, we have a 360 – degree measurement system for the magazines with a new currency for print and online figures.

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Year of publication2013
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