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Title Recycling and waste minimisation behaviours of the transient student population in Oxford: results of an on-line survey
Source Local Environment, 14, 4, pp. 285-296
Year 2009
Access date 14.03.2014

Due to growing pressure to meet recycling targets set by the UK central government, it is becoming increasingly important for local authorities to understand the characteristics of recycling behaviour and the factors that influence them. The demographic, situational and psychological factors that influence recycling behaviour were drawn from existing empirical research studies and used to create an on-line survey of university students in Oxford. Students' recycling behaviour was influenced by situational variables such as provision of a domestic recycling box and the recycling behaviour of family and friends, whereas the student's reported willingness to minimise waste was linked to psychological variables such as environmental concern. These fundamental differences in the behavioural characteristics of waste minimisation, compared with recycling, demonstrate the importance for local authorities to identify which types of behaviour they wish to encourage. The authors recommend strategies for local authorities to facilitate waste minimisation and increase recycling.

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Year of publication2009
Bibliographic typeJournal article

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