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Title Applied Sampling (Quantitative studies in social relations)
Author Sudman, S.
Year 1976
Access date 04.04.2014

Though many researchers working with survey research methods are aware that powerful sampling techniques are available, it appears that they avoid them because they believe these techniques are too difficult or too costly to use.  Instead, careless ad hoc procedures are often utilized, at times with disastrous results.   — APPLIED SAMPLING represents a significant departure from the many good books on sampling which assume sophisticated statistical knowledge or extensive resources.  The volume, which abounds in practical examples of the kind that researchers most frequently encounter in their work, is intended for the very large majority of survey users who have only limited statistical backgrounds and resources but who wish to maximize the usefulness of the data they obtain.  The author carefully outlines a broad array of relatively simple procedures that are much less expensive than, and quite comparable to, the most precise methods now in current use.

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Year of publicationBefore 1981
Bibliographic typeBook

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