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Title Frascati manual. Proposed standard practice for surveys on research and experimental development
Source OECD
Year 2002
Access date 09.04.2014
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Abstract The Frascati Manual is not only a standard for R&D surveys in OECD member countries. As a result of initiatives by the OECD, UNESCO, the European Union and various regional organisations, it has become a standard for R&D surveys worldwide. The Frascati Manual is based on experience gained from collecting R&D statistics in OECD member countries. It is a result of the collective work of national experts in NESTI (the Working Party of National Experts on Science and Technology Indicators). The Group, supported by an effective Secretariat, first led by the late Yvan Fabian and subsequently by Alison Young, John Dryden, Daniel Malkin and Andrew Wyckoff, has elaborated over the last 40 years on the concept of science and technology indicators and developed a series of methodological manuals known as the “Frascati Family”, which includes manuals on: R&D (Frascati Manual), innovation (OsloFOREWORD 4 FRASCATI MANUAL 2002 – ISBN 92-64-19903-9 – OECD 2002 Manual), human resources (Canberra Manual), technological balance of payments and patents as science and technology indicators. The Frascati Manual is also published in electronic format on the OECD Web site. The idea is to update the electronic version more frequently, as newer material becomes available. The electronic version is complemented by further material related to R&D surveys
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Year of publication2002
Bibliographic typeReports, seminars