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Title Platforms for data quality progress: The client's guide to rapid improvement of online research
Year 2008
Access date 14.04.2014

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In the fall of 2006, many industry experts told us that real online data quality improvement could not and would not take place unless it was driven by the customers of online market research. Some vendors told us not to waste our time and energy. Client researchers, they said, only care about price and would never pay more–even for better MR. My gut told me otherwise. I had heard the same negativity less than one year earlier regarding my idea for a Respondent Cooperation Industry Summit. Despite many naysayers, that Summit was the single most talked-about conference of 2006. And the comments there by P&G CMK head Kim Dedeker gave birth to an industry data quality focus. The Summit’s powerful turnout of industry movers and shakers led clients and suppliers to encourage an RFL-led client-driven data quality initiative. Two client-only meetings and one monumental vendor-only meeting later, we proudly present fivePlatforms for Data Quality Progress in online research, beginning on page 8. This aggregation of supplier-recommended, client-approved wisdom is a prolific “can-do” story. We’re proud of having organized top industry minds, who deserve the credit for the content of this guide, and we beam about having accomplished it in the space of only nine months!
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