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Title The accuracy of self-reported medical history: A preliminary analysis of the promise of internet-based research in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Source Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, 8, 5, pp. 349-356
Year 2014
Database ScienceDirect
Access date 16.04.2014

This study demonstrates that IBD patients accurately report their medical history regarding type of disease and surgical procedures. More detailed medical information is less reliably reported. Disease knowledge assessment may help in identifying the most accurate individuals and could therefore serve as validity criteria. Internet-based surveys are feasible with high reliability about basic disease features only. However, the participants in this study were engaged at a tertiary center, which potentially leads to a bias and compromises generalization to an unfiltered patient group.

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AvailabilityIn-press, to be published
Year of publication2014
Bibliographic typeJournal article