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Title The interactive effects of monetary incentive justification and questionnaire length on mail survey response rates
Source Psychology & Marketing, 11, 5, pp. 483–492
Year 1994
Access date 06.05.2014

An experiment was conducted in which a survey questionnaire and a $1.00 incentive were sent to 200 randomly selected residents of a midwestern city. For half of the respondents, the enclosed monetary incentive was justified in a cover letter as an attempt to induce feelings of obligation to return the questionnaire (equity-salient condition), whereas for the other half of the respondents, the incentive was justified as an appreciative gesture (standard condition). Furthermore, some subjects received a short questionnaire, whereas the rest received a long questionnaire. Response rates were assessed by condition. As predicted, the equity-salient appeal produced a significantly higher response rate than the standard appeal, but only for subjects who received the short questionnaire. Results are discussed in terms of personal equity theory. 

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Year of publication1994
Bibliographic typeJournal article